Wanderlust on a Budget

There’s a myth that travel is expensive, but that’s nonsense! If you’re prepared to do a little research, spend some time figuring it all out, then you can go anywhere your little heart or itchy feet desire.

In one year alone I’ve been to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Croatia. I’ve done it all within my annual leave as well, so naysayers who think they cannot afford to go away, you can keep reading – prepare to be surprised!


My city break weekends in Scandinavia have cost me on average £200 in flights and accommodation, whether it be an AirB&B, a Boat Hotel or a Hostel.

Although I book travel for a living as part of my job that is corporate travel and it’s very different to the way I travel, I’ve learnt alot from self sourcing for these complex global work trips as well as my own happy little adventures and I’ve figured out a few useful nuggets of information that could really get you flying everywhere you little adventurer heart desires…

Here’s how to do it;

  1. Never book flights on a weekend

    Travel agents and airlines will hike the prices up. Book on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead, when the prices go back down as everyone who wasn’t wise to the scam has bought up the flights over the weekend and the remainder left will come back down.

  2. Clear your cache and cookies when searching for flights

    Websites see that you’ve searched before and will mysteriously sometimes charge you at previously searched prices – how and why? I don’t know, but get wise to it and clear your histories and everything.

  3. Use Google’s own search engine for flights

    It is clear and easy to use, it will show you a calendar of when the cheapest outbound and inbound combos are, if your dates are flexible. If your dates aren’t flexible but your destination is, leave the destination field empty, it will bring up a map of the world, with the prices of places everywhere on your specified dates. So clever.

  4. The obvious tip – travel off season

    Not only will the cost be cheaper to travel (£20 for a March flight to Oslo!), the experience can often be incredible when there aren’t throngs of tourists everywhere. My friends and I climbed the 463 steps to the top of Florence’s Duomo in January and caught breath taking views with only a handful of other tourists instead of jostling for breathing room, it was complete heaven to have that experience.

  5. If you’re into Airmiles

    …and you can be an adult with a credit card, it’s worth hearing this clever young man’s tips to take your free upgrades and free travel with miles to the max – I’m not selling this guy, I just found him interesting when I went to one of his Miles Mogul talks – love how technical and geeky he gets, he really knows his stuff!

  6. Stay in hostels.

    Don’t pull that face, that’s the face I pulled when someone suggested it to me in my 30’s, and the last time I’d seen a hostel I was 18 and it was pretty dire. Hostels have come a long way, if in doubt check the Generator chain out. I spent less than £50 on two nights central Copenhagen accommodation at the start of October, in a spangly modern,.slick and trendy hostel.  Worth every saved penny!

  7. There is always AirB&B

    How great it is! Do your research, read the reviews and contact your host with questions. They can be so accommodating, our host in Madrid even left us juicy Spanish oranges, Ferrero Rocher, cake, milk and coffee – delightful!

  8. Use Rome2Rio.com

    A ridiculously useful website that tells you how to get from country to country or place to place via any mode of transport.  If you grab a bus or a train instead of a plane, you’ll save buckets of dosh and see more of the country you are in. It takes away that daunted feeling when you’re thinking you need to get across a country but you wouldn’t know how unless you flew.


Hopefully these tips and more down the line help you book something fun and really affordable!