Saving Pennies and Growing Wings

Enough with the articles and blogs telling us how everyone can travel the world, how so-and-so gave up their job and sold everything they own and now they live out of a dinky backpack and galavant around the world, chasing their wanderlust dreams, in cute outfits that no real backpacker could keep clean.

Real life looks more like this;

  • Got bills to pay (squints at bank account, hopes to see one more zero…)

help i'm poor

  • Can’t quit that damn job (though tempting when you’ve had ‘one of those days’ every day this week)
  • Savings? That’s what other people have, right?

Truthfully I used to be pretty horrendous with money, just ask my Mother, she’ll roll her eyes dramatically to confirm. I worked like a maniac for a pittance and I felt guilty taking my annual leave, and I felt as though it was a waste to take it and not leave the country, so for a long time I went nowhere, just spanked through my money on useless stuff unconsciously.

shiny things

When I caught the travel bug, I started making some little changes and forming better habits (replacing really, really bad life habits with money, saving and not splurging like I had a money making machine at home).

Oh how I remember those days…..

There are little things that all of us can do every day, week, month to get a little closer to just one trip away. Though I confess, somewhere a while back I had to grow the heck up, start sorting my finances, stop misbehaving with money and get a plan in place.  It wasn’t an overnight thing folks, but here’s some of the things I do that help me travel (apart from being a total cheap flight finding geek!);

  • Give up monthly pedicures….I DIY pedicure those babies now with an occasional pedicure treat once in a while (I’m not an animal so these walking, hiking, sight seeing feet still need some tlc, I’m not prepared to have hideous sandpaper feet, ewww)
  • Figure out the difference between Need and Want. A crotch hole in my jeans = Need a new pair. Want = cute new bedsheets from Zara because they’re so this season, when you already have two sets. Seriously, we get caught up on following fashion, trends, magazines and social media.  Repeat this to yourself over and over every day – ‘you already have more than enough’, enough nail varnishes, eye shadows, shirts, jeans…..
  • Give up over priced £12 London cocktails. Sounds miserable? Don’t be daft! Not when you know where all the best and latest running happy hours are across the city – a girl still wants to have fun!
  • Take lunch to work, instead of buying it every day. £5 – £10 a day on eating out sure adds up, smash those savings by making your own food.
  • You don’t have to give up Theatre, Comedy, Gigs and Shows. Allow me to introduce you to my friends, Groupon and YPlan. Why pay full price when you can see Madam Butterfly or a Burlesque show for £15?!
  • Clear Out.  Go on, have a Marie Kondo style cleanse of all your old shit, sell the good stuff on EBay, Shpock, Facebook Marketplace.  Not only will you feel good, your pockets will jingle with gold.
  • Put the latte down. Get a Keepy Cup, a cafetiere, or whatever you like and make your own coffees more than buying them.

Cha-ching! Can’t you already hear the sound of the money you saved dancing in your pocket?

There’s just a few things that might help you stack up some spare pennies and get you a bit closer to some wings. Before you know it, you’ll be booking flights and strolling through delightful postcard-esque places.