You Might Be Addicted To Travel If….

  1. You walk longingly past your favourite coffee shop. You pat yourself on the back when you make it to the office and make yourself an instant coffee because after all, 5 lattes a week adds up to a low cost flight to somewhere in Europe. Capping your cappuccinos has never felt so good.

2. Phone upgrade time. Yes sir, I’ll have the largest memory you have going. A gazillion gigabytes? Perfect, no longer will all my travel photos and videos blow up my phone memory. Sweet.

3. Ryan Air sale emails are complete and utter torture. You convince yourself that there’s no harm in booking a £20 return flight to Timisoara, even if a) you don’t manage to go and b) you don’t actually know where it is. 

4. Packing cells are exciting to you.

5. You have become that person who laments how costly a London beer/ massage/dinner is, because you know it’s £1/ £10/ £1.50 in you know…Bali. You obnoxious person.

6. You know exactly where to sit on an aeroplane to get the smoothest ride, every time.

7. Your Pinterest/ Trello board contains nothing but travel.

8. When you go on first dates you always ask them where their next trip is. When they say Magaluf, you’re out of the door before the second drink can arrive. You also secretly access their ability to cope in different conditions, aka different countries because you would drag them all over the world with you, because well…this is what you already do to your friends.

9. You have so many Google Flight prices tracked, you could tell anyone where to go and when, in a good way.

10. You are habitually pissed by 7pm once a week.  Because you know where happy hour is and you know that full price cocktails in London are outrageously expensive. You’d rather put money in a travel fund than a bar tenders palm, but you know you need to have a life too.