A Welsh Weekend Getaway

For a first time UK camper like me, I was armed with sleeping bags, tents, a spork (yes it’s a camping utensil), leftover birthday champagne (wahey!) and beanies off we went for a weekend camping in Wales. With just a little bit of doubt about camping in the ‘British’ summer, we thought what the heck! Just four girls, three miles of beach, a 4 man tent and the promise of surfing in the sunshine.

There aren’t really words for how glorious it actually was, especially pulling up to the Hillend Campsite to find the camping fields nestled just behind rolling sand dunes which took you straight onto the soft white sandy beach which stretched for three wonderful miles.

Words never really do a place justice, so I’ll let my trusty Canon do the talking…

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Arriving at dusk, setting up camp and strolling over the dunes to surf in this beautiful light…
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Put on a wet suit, become She-Ra in your mind. Well for me anyway…
Casual Friday night, surf lessons from my mates. Sporty me thought I’d be standing up that same evening. The ocean however thought it would be fun to see how many times I could tumble and swallow sea water instead.
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City slicker surfer girls 🙂
Looks like a Patagonia advert right? Beach babe Cath + THAT sunset = happy photographer!
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Friday night rush hour.


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Not too shabby. Yes it’s August… classic British ‘summer’
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Leftover birthday champagne (of course).
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Woke up fresh, went for a stroll. Clearly it was overcrowded.
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Three whole miles of blinding beautiful white sand. Gross, obviously.
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DON’T JUMP. (The Blue Lagoon)
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Well alright, jump then. I did too, but you don’t need video evidence of my wobbly wimpish jump.


Contemplating how hard life is.
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Dune Tribe
Happy Heather.
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Heather….in the heather! (We came from all the way down there)
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Getting out of London is definitely worth the 3.5hr National Express smelly bus ride.
Worms Head in the distance, the very end of the peninsula. Beer garden awaits us.
Time to stop and capture more epicness, that’s Heather snapping away.


Made it!!!!


It’s like an advert for the place.


Hey Summer?! August by the Welsh coast = hot trekking up the hill but cold sat up high in the winds.
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Just disgusting. Haha!!


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Matted hair gives you that homeless person chic look, as you leave the coast to return to the Big Smoke.
That’s a wrap from The Gower.

So you get the picture?

Good, get your skates on and your tent ready, you’ll want to stay at Hillend camp site forever. They have full on men’s and women’s shower blocks, outside showers, loo blocks, a cafe on the hill, a shop.  All very civilised. For us four adults (you can just about call us overgrown kids that…), two cars and a 4 man tent for two nights was £17.50 each.

For a bit of Blue Pool/ cliff jumping, walk out of the campsite through the dunes, onto the beach, turn right and walk all the way to the end of the beach, climb the hill and follow it round to the right. A little walk and a steep climb down a dusty path inset into the hill you’ll find the Blue Pool, a secluded bay with a gorgeous blue lagoon-esque pool in the rock you can test your cliff jumping skills on.

For the UK’s best beer garden (well we thought so) you’ll want to pick up the gorgeous hiking trail from by the shop/ entrance on the campsite, scale the hill and walk a long and drop down to Rhossili Bay and grab a table outside at the Worms Head Hotel pub.