Canggu, Bali

What a little dream. You’ll find Canggu on the South of the island of Bali in Indonesia, nestled in surrounding rice fields hugging the beach.

It’s humid, hip, there are black sand beaches, bonkers Aussies and surf boys and girls. Muscles and tanned limbs for days.

Echo Beach

If you stroll from Echo Beach past the cows and the stray dogs, you’ll find the most wonderful array of chic instagrammable and cute organic, vegan, vegetarian and Indo cafes. The food is out-of-this-world healthy and very tasty, you can get all the nut milk, dragon fruit smoothies or avocado on toast your heart desires.

Cafe Organic, Canggu

Just a stroll from the Frii Echo Beach Hotel to the majestic waves and black sand beach, you can watch the surfers command the waves, all those ripped muscles and….alright, I’ll stop mentally drooling now, but you get the picture?

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There are worse ways to spend your solo traveller days, than sitting on stunning black sands admiring the agility of a crowd of surfers, right?

The nightlife is a bit Little Australia /meat-market, but it is fun.  You’ll forget you are in Bali and think you have in fact landed in Australia because of how many Aussies flood the place with their yummy accents, salty hair and surf life.   If ab-watching isn’t your thing then Mother Nature gives a bloody good sunset show here.


The bars are a lot of fun, there’s so many places to let your hair down. This guy in the video below proves my point. My new friend was at the bar getting us drinks and this fella zeroed in and gave me all the chuckles with his…..Fawlty Towers two step?!

Canggu Recommendations

Old Mans   so worth a visit!

Sand Bar- almost in front of Old Man’s, grab a bean bag on the beach and some happy hour fun (Echo Beach beachfront, Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Canggu)

The Lawn so pretty, chill with a Bintang on the lawn, by the pool, watch the sun go down.
the lawn.jpg
Finns– big ol beach club, lush!

Motion Cafe can’t get over how massive and yummy this healthy menu selection is.

Cafe Organic – the most Instagrammable cafe around, you can tell because everyone’s taking the perfect washed out beached cafe shot of their acai dragonfruit smoothie.

Betelnut Cafe – a rustic wooden cafe of deliciousness.

betelnut cafe

Monggos – great place for dinner and a chill, right by the Frii Echo Beach Hotel

For a massage: Chillax – perfect little place to have a tiny Indonesian woman sit on your back and fix you right up!


At the Frii Hotel, a very short walk to the surf and Echo Beach. Starting at £35 for a double room, if you’re travelling with someone, then lucky you as you split that and live large for very little. It’s clean, spacious, modern and a bit sexy with a roof terrace bar thrown in.


  • Soloable – Definitely a social and chilled kinda place, loads of nightlife, all the surf, you can yoga your heart out. Easy to meet people.
  • Canggu gets a 4/5 on the babe scale. Eye candy eveeeeerywhere!

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