The Best Apps for Travel and Life


Whether I’m pottering off for a weekend away, planning an epic adventure or working 90 miles an hour in my day job and aiming for some kind of blissful time out, there are some apps that make life a little easier and that I can’t live without.

Here’s the top list of apps that sort my life out.


This little bad boy does everything from helping me share trip plans with mates to communicating with my CEO on tomorrow’s top tasks. You can use the free or paid for version, both allow you to insert photos, check lists, tables, voice notes. It’s an organisers dream and my inner perfectionists favourite app.


Plastic fantastic! Use it how you would use your debit card. It’s a MasterCard which you load as little or as much money as you want, you can have a full bank account and pay your salary in, or put a set amount on it per month and set yourself a budget and spending targets. Perfect for travels too, as it’s accepted abroad and the first £200 withdrawn is fee free overseas. Bonus.

Google Maps

download offline maps of the city you’re visiting for use offline and you will never be lost again, even when you turn your roaming off. It picks up your geo-location using GPRS data which doesn’t cost you a thing. Voila!

XE currency conversion

How many Euros did that Dublin Guinness cost you in Pounds? How many Singapore Dollars to the US dollar? It’s a fail safe for keeping a track on what things cost when you’re away.

Money Lover

With this little genius app all you need to do is input an amount –  for instance what you’ve allowed as spending money for the weekend – in the correct currency and then just pop in what you’ve spent, when you’ve spent it and you’ll be able to stay on budget, instead of wondering where all your dosh has gone.


I’ve mentioned this app before and without a single doubt, this little baby makes my inner organisational geek madly happy. It shows you plane, train, bus, ferry and every known form of transport from place to place. Plot a route around the city or across countries. It will get you there and show you how much it costs and the time it takes. Fan-bloody-tastic.


for the ladies.  Sorry lads, last time I checked only us girls got periods. This little diamond of an app builds a picture of your cycles and feels, from emotions, to cramps, the more data you enter the smarter it gets. It still amuses me when it pops up on my lock screen to tell me ‘PMS is due’. It will predict the day your period will land for the next 3 months, perfect for travel planning. Oh and you can share the info with your S/O, if you want them to know your cycle – nothing like oversharing right?.


this is me escaping the torture of writing a paper to-do or shopping list and accidentally leaving it at home. I use this for everything from travel prep lists, to a happy little check list of things I need to buy. When not travelling you can create a home shopping list and share it with your house mates, that way when someone buys more milk and they tick it off it disappears and you don’t buy twice – win win!

Photography & Video – Here’s my faves for iPhone based photo play on the road…

One of the best editing apps I’ve used, not to mention the most user friendly. Forget Insta filters, get creative with VSCO and even without purchasing any of their paid for filters, you still get beautiful and subtle results through to super edited cool shots.


Perfect for when you want to add text or a touchy-feely quote to that knock-out sunset shot.  Allowing you to be just as cheesy as you want to be, or classy.


when the Insta selection area crops your image and messes it up, look to Instasize for those white borders you always wanted. Edit your photo first in other software, or this one and pop those borders on baby.


For simple video editing, one to get to make your happy holiday stories come to life.

Lightroom CC

for the slightly more pro amateur photographers, this one works across desktop and mobile. Slick to use, giving you strong and subtle editing ability, even on your phone.  Watch it sync across your devices and make your life really easy and stylised.

what apps can’t you live without?