Ubud, Bucket List Town, Bali

This is the spiritual and cultural centre of Bali, home to some of the island’s most sacred sites. There really is something about this place, whether you are gazing across the deep emerald green rice fields carved into the mountains, where you are reminded that this is a city that rose from a jungle, or whether you are flowing through a meditative yoga class.  Tranquility nestles right next to the hustle and bustle of a modern, moped crazy inland haven.


Coconuts are a big deal in Bali. Do yoga, drink a coconut after. Hangover cure? Coconut. Dehydrated? Coconut. Enjoy the views. Coconut. You aren’t going to want to drink it from a carton ever again, after you experience the freshness of a real one for less than £1.


Climb a what now? A volcano? In pitch black, up a sheer climb? To look at another volcano? Oh, that’s Mount Agung, the naughty devil who threatened to spew lava over itself and surroundings last year. Sure. Best thing you will ever do in your life. Bring a head torch, snacks, trainers and a wind breaker, 5am in the morning 2500ft up Mount Batur is pretty nippy, but it will blow your little sweaty socks off.


Nailed it. That is a go for the tourist photo. Box ticked, bucket list item checked off. Hell yeah. Total climbed up and down? A rollocking 5000 ft all before breakfast, now let’s go have a sweet little guess what….. coconut!

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TLC said don’t go chasing them, but I had to. Next bucket list item? Chase a waterfall, check the baby off. Thank you Bali, you beauty.


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Next goal – make friends, drink coffee. Done.

Next bucket list item, meet the cat/ creature that eats coffee and poops it so we can drink it. Bucket List – Tick.

Yeah, I kid you not. A coffee pooping cat exists. Kopi luwak coffee, kids. It is literally the sh*t.

If that’s not enough Bucket List items for one place, let’s add a Brucie Bonus on top. Have your lovely homestay Mama, invite you to the lunar ceremony at the sacred temple and receive blessings from the holy men, feeling like the whole community welcomes your little Western face in the most Balinese welcoming way possible? CHECK!

What then? Coconuts? Nope. Coconut gelato from Tukies. You’ll thank me for your new addiction later.

I stayed at Sandat Bali in Ubud (book by emailing direct, you can get a better deal), right by all the yoga studios and a quick walk to the Campuhan Ridge trail, perfect for getting about. With a gorgeous oasis of koi ponds, greenery, pool and family run by Mama and Papa (they insist you call them that), they will take care of you like their own. Plus you get to see visit Papa downstairs for reflexology for all of about £2.50, and you get to see this little cutie pie their Grandchild Putu every day, what more do you want? A coconut? Oh go on then…

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Little Putu, Ubud