Why You Should Add Bali to Your Bucket List


Bali was a delight, a pure and simple reminder of how to slow life down and enjoy all the little moments. If you’re feeling harassed, over worked, over cooked, or just over it, then add this place to your bucket list.

If you’ve run out of mates to travel with, if you’ve trawled Tinder more times than you think is humanly possible and you’re still single and lacking a travel buddy, who cares! Bali has got your back.  A haven for those in search of new friends, sunset watching mates and Bintang buddies. The sacred little island draws solo guys and girls from all over the world, but sometimes you just feel like you’re in Little Australia, the countries are so close together that it’s one of Australia’s favourite holiday islands. And who’s more friendly than an Aussie?!

If you’ve got a soft spot for that distinctive Aussie accent, you’ve hit the jackpot here. Not only is the place filled with their dulcet tones, but they bring the muscle. This is surfers paradise and people come from all over the world to launch from black and white sands into Mother Nature’s powerful waves.


The Balinese people are some of the kindest folk you will meet on your travels, nothing is ever too much and they are always happy.

You can make this island holiday anything you want it to be, so choose your destinations with care before you throw yourself into a part of the island which is more Magaluf than Eat Pray Love.

Where to Go?

  • Trendy, black sand beached out, avocado cafe loving Canggu, where the nightlife will carry you away and make you live to regret a hangover in the humidity.
  • Hidden white sandy beaches, cliff sunset heaven surf town Uluwatu, a quieter town with beaches that make you feel all Robinson Crusoe.
  • Ubud – Spiritual heart of the island, yoga loving, tie-die wearing modern city rising out of the jungle and the rice fields. Find yourself a Balinese healer for £3 and a temple to wash away your sins. You might need a few temples…
  • Special Mention: Nusa Lembongan, just a 45 minute fast boat from the Eastern Port of Sanur to this tiny little jewel of an island. Paradise you wanted? Picturesque paradise you can find here.

For more info on each of these Bali destinations, click the links above.

If you want a little more in your face, tourist town, you can get that in spades in Seminyak and Kuta, where the beaches aren’t anything great (awash with plastic litter – gaaaah more reasons to go plastic free) and tacky souvenirs are everywhere.  Head off the beaten track a little further south to escape the mini-Benidorm vibe.

Rent a scooter for a couple of quid a day – they are dirt cheap and the best way to get around, you can walk around but pavements aren’t a big thing and scooters rule, plus you’ll see much more. Just drive safe, and don’t get drunk and forget where you parked your bike! (Happens alot to my friends!).

For more tips about what you really need to know before you go, pop over to my other blog post Helpful Hints and Tips for Visiting Bali


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