Things To Do in London: Visit Kew Gardens Temperate House

As the golden, warm May sunshine dances behind the trees, as dusk begins to turn to sunset, just ahead down a path lined with tall fire columns guiding our way a magnificent structure comes into view, in all its Victorian glory.


Last night was the re-opening of the Temperate House at Kew Gardens. A feat of Victorian engineering that originally took 40 years to complete, designed by Decimus Burton and launched in 1863.



It was a task of mammoth proportions from one man’s imagination and now, seems all the more important because the plant species that once came from explorers expeditions all over the world and back to London, are rare and threatened by extinction.


Kew Garden’s Temperate House is a place where these special plants are safeguarded and can continue to thrive, despite the climate change challenges the world faces outside of this phenomenal structure.



The size of 3 jumbo jets, the Temperate House is twice the size of the well known tropical and humid Palm House at Kew, it took 5 years and over 400 people to complete the repairs.


There we sit, marvelling at the grandeur of a man’s imagination, taking in such a variety of greenery. Our senses calmed by being in nature, the sound of water flowing over rocks beside us and as we step out into the field of tulips beside the huge glass structure, as the sun dips behind the ornate metal and glass structure, you cannot help be awed by it all.



If you’re in London and you have a chance, add a visit to Kew Gardens onto your bucket list. Go early, bring a picnic and spend all day in the Royal Botanic Gardens, it really is a very beautiful place indeed.