The Traveller’s Packing Essentials…

If you’re backpacking, or just having a cheeky weekend away, here are some things that should be on your packing list to make life easier, especially if you’re staying in hostels or a family resort, some of these have been life savers.

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Ear plugs & eye mask

  • Hostel life or a family resort, you’ll never regret taking these two things.  You are going to be asleep when someone else is getting up. Do you really want to hear ‘zip, zip ziiiiiiiiiip, rustle, rustle’, or the dulcet sounds of kids screaming at 7am?? Nope, get some bad boy ear plugs and an eye mask to help you sleep and avoid the worst of the sounds of the 4am party people coming back to your dorm or the endless energy of other people’s kids.



Microfibre Towel x2

  • One for drying yourself, like the beauty you are. It’s not at all like using a human sized shammy cloth, honestly….I swear by this little beauty

kathmandu towel

  • A second one for the beach. A fluffy beach towel is just a dream and a heavy space hogger, so grab a second microfibre towel for use solely at the beach. I came across a brand who make a sand repellant microfibre towel, so ecologically it leaves the sand where it should be, on the beach and dries really fast.  It’s also cute.

dock and bay


USB plug with more than one usb port (and adapter for whatever country you’re in).

  • You’ll always have to top up the batteries on more than one thing at a time, at the same time, murphy’s law says so. More than one port makes life easier, sometimes slows the charging, but perfect for overnight top ups.

usb plug

Battery Packs for on the go

  • Your phone or camera never needs to run out of juice if you’ve got a spare battery pack with you. Get the one with two USB ports, one charges your phone while the pack is plugged in and re-charging cos you know, you’re so efficient. This bad boy has saved me everywhere, from camping, to that day spent running around, it’s so small and lightweight too.


Extra long USB charging cables.

  • Why oh why is the plug socket in my room/ dorm/ Air BnB so far away? Get a long cable, never worry again.


Cotton or Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

  • Worth it if you’re not just camping but hostelling, if you get to your lovely  accommodation and think the sheets look a bit suspicious, dive into your own happy cocoon…
  • Nod Pod make a good silk one, yes you’ll pay for it, but well worth it.
  • Amazon do a whole host of cotton ones at half the price.



  • You’ll want a meaty one, for the lockers in hostels. A spare smaller one always comes in handy too.
More useful for your luggage than random bridges…

Head Torch

  • Amazeballs for camping. Yay, two free hands! Helps in hotels, hostels, campsites and up a Volcano in Bali before sunrise.



Zip Lock Bags (The bit where I sound like someone’s Mother…)

  • Small and large, keeps cash dry at the beach and larger ones are good to stuff a wet bikini in because you are using your last minutes to swim not pack…..or that microfiber towel that hasn’t quite dried out when you’re in a hurry.


Hand sanitiser

  • Don’t leave home without one kids – you might have a wee, and realise the loo is soap free! Uh oh!


Stating the Obvious…

  • Imodium, constipation tablets (wow, really all that bread?) and rehydration sachets. Not to mention paracetamol and ibuprofen to help you recover from dancing til dawn somewhere fun…



What do you take with you that you can’t live without??