Two Days in Kuala Lumpur

What can you say about Kuala Lumpur? It’s not quite a holiday destination, more of a passing through hub, but you can catch the best of it in two days.

It’s hot, humid, full of colonial buildings and mind-bogglingly tall skyscrapers and home to the famous Petronas Towers which are the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world. They look like a cake, hard to describe, but all the layers and details. Cake buildings, I’m telling you.

It’s not a massive cultural hub, unless you like shopping, if so indulge all of your retail dreams here. Here are some highlights;

China Town and all of the pretty colonial buildings..


Coffee, oh goodness they have fantastic coffee. Be still my beating, over caffeinated heart.


Check out the entire street of food on Jalan Alor, up towards Bukit Bingtang, which will be where you drink most of the night. It’s a huge street of bars and pubs, ladies nights, possibly lady boys and lots of drunk tourists. Yay.

My favourite watering hole – The Rabbit Hole. Play pool and you might spot my friend and his small Pomeranian dog wandering freely.

I found some friends from home along the way!

All in all, it’s not culturally astounding, but it’s fun for the food and night life. Pit stop anyone?